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Stage Door versus Stage 4: I choose JOY. Lessons from Broadway.

Why do I love musicals? I don't sing, except for in my shower.  Oh, well, in the car too and sometimes around the house; just to drive my kids crazy.  I certainly don't dance.  Zumba is the closest I have gotten to rocking it. Regardless of my level of participation I am IN LOVE with musical theater.

It is in my blood. My mother instilled in me my love for musicals.  She has been in a singing production for the last 20 years.  While I was growing up my mom listened to Les Miserablesand Phantom of the Opera while cooking and cleaning. My sister partook in high school musicals. With all the exposure I got hooked. Maybe with this background it has given me an old soul full of Gershwin and Rogers and Hammerstein. One of my favorite movies is White Christmas. I was so excited to see it on the Broadway stage.

Musicals for me have always been my guilty pleasure. A source of fun. A monthly date night with my husband; as we have season tickets to a local theater. It is a way to escape …

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