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Get Ready for a Change

Life sure has it ups and downs. Right now I am feeling pretty good. 6 months scans in October so I never know what that will bring. I been having significant GI issues that may change my treatment. So there is never a dull moment in cancer land. October also brings the anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. 4 years living with a terminal illness. I have learn a lot and I have lost a lot of friend to MBC. I have grown and I feel I am being molded into a very different person than I was once. It's okay. Change is good! I am so proud of this blog and how it has helped me the last three years to get my feeling out and hopefully support and inspire people living with breast cancer. As well as, to provide awareness and action for those who may know someone living with cancer. As I have grown over the last four years so has this blog and my vision for what it could become.  With that being said this blog has now turned into a brand NEW website!!!!  While curating the content I felt that a re

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